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  • Product No:JH-1037
  • Product Name:Ndfeb magnets
  • Specifications:TBD
  • Material:


Ndfeb magnets is the strongest performance in contemporary permanent magnet. It not only has high residual magnetism, high coercive force, high energy product, high-performance than characteristics. And easily processed into various sizes. Now widely used in aviation, electronics, acoustic, mechanical and electrical, instrument, medical technology and other antennas with permanent magnetic field device needs of equipment. Especially suitable for research of high performance, miniaturization, light-duty of old products. Working temperature in 80 degrees to 240 degrees. It is by the metal nd, iron, boron and other trace metal element alloy magnets. Is the strongest rare-earth permanent magnetic. With ultra high energy product and good coercive force. Manufacturing technology mature, strict quality assurance and perfect technical service and very good performance to price. Welcome new and old customers call for your enquiry.


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